What a mess. Brexit here, Brexit there, Brexit everywhere. However, despite all the noise, despite the posturing politicians, businesses across Europe are continuing to trade and do profitable deals. As usual, while the politicians shout and squabble and the media hang on their every word, smart companies continue to produce great products and find new customers without being deflected by siren voices.

If you are looking to develop or grow trade with European markets, we can help. We have the networks, we can find you the right partners. We’ve been doing it for 20 years. Successfully.

We can identify the best agents and distribution partners to ensure you achieve fast and cost-effective access to the right markets. Whatever you are looking to achieve, we will find the right partner for you.

Connections are everything, especially in Europe with its diverse cultural mix. Our colleagues in Europe speak the local languages and understand the local business culture and can get you connected fast and cost-effectively with the right people, far quicker and at lower cost than if you do it yourself.

We can find distributors or agents or sales accelerators – whatever you need to establish or grow your business in European markets. We cover all Europe, including the key markets of France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Austria.

For further information, please contact us on +44 (0)1672 851802 or at enquiries@whitefieldinternational.com.