Did you know you could grow your business more than five times its current size in just five years?

Yes, really. There are UK businesses just like yours that have done this.


Through export.

But where can you start?

Whitefield International is one consultancy which can help your profits soar by finding productive new markets overseas.

We have sourced partners and distributors and set up successful new operations in:

 - The Americas - USA, Canada and Latin America
 - Europe - East and West, North and South
 - Asia – China, India and Japan and others

In addition to the UK we have associated offices in a further 20+ countries, including France, Germany, Spain, USA, Colombia and Singapore.

In overseas markets we can help you to:

 - Find the right people - such as distributors, agents and strategic partners - to get your product to new customers;
 - Find the most profitable new sales leads;
 - Set up an office or facility in the best and most cost-effective location for your business;
 - Make the most of your overseas visits by putting together a cost- and time-effective itinerary;
 - For nearly 20 years we have been helping businesses to  launchsuccessfully in new countries.

We recently worked with a manufacturer of building materials. This was their reaction:

“All I can say is WOW! Thanks to Mike and his team for such wonderful work in identifying distributors for us. You have saved us a lot of time and money.”

Similarly, we have been working with a luxury health and beauty company: 'Thank you for the very thorough research. Without your connections and diligent work we may have gone down a different (wrong) path'.

But where do you start?

Whitefield International operates in both developed and developing markets. A couple of examples: USA and Brazil.

The highly developed US market has been a key export target for UK companies for decades and many have grown strong on the back of the numerous opportunities which exist in the largest consumer and industrial market in the world. It is a country that cannot be ignored. Just because of its sheer size export numbers can quickly start to dwarf home market sales. Even when only targeting one region - such as the fast growing south east, comprising the states of Georgia, South & North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama – or just one state, such as the commercial powerhouse of Georgia.

To try and tackle the whole country in one go can quickly overstretch resources and is a step too far, too soon for most small and medium-sized UK companies and has resulted in many expensive failures and ignominious retreats from the market over the years. However, with a carefully targeted, not-too-ambitious strategy and with the right partners in place on the ground most companies exceed expectations and succeed in developing a substantial income stream.

Brazil, on the other hand, is not a developed, but rather a rapidly developing, market and has only started to become an export target for British companies in recent years. Like the US, it is an enormous market covering a huge geographical area, but one that despite recent economic difficulties is still growing at a pace that far outstrips Europe. Due to its size and ethnic diversity, regional differences in taste and style play larger here even than in the diverse market that is the US.

There are many opportunities to take advantage of in Brazil in energy, renewables, construction, gaming, retail/franchising, telecoms, automotive, aerospace, IT........the opportunities know no bounds. Now is a good time for UK companies to have a serious look, particularly given the sluggish growth forecast at home and in Europe over the next few years.

So there we have it. Two markets, two huge opportunities, proving that exporting is essential to growth in these turbulent times.

For further information or advice regarding exporting and how it can help drive success for your company, contact us on +44 (0)1672 851802 or at enquiries@whitefieldinternational.com.