Case Studies - International Trade Services

A selection of case studies is listed below. These projects have been selected as representative of the type of international trade work undertaken by Whitefield International for companies looking to expand into new markets overseas. We have removed client names in order to protect client confidentiality.

Master franchisees identified for US fast food chain
Whitefield International identified a short list of potential Master Franchisees in the UK for this rapidly expanding US fast food chain of restaurants. A report on the fast food restaurant market in the UK was also produced.
International group seeking JV partners in Europe
Whitefield International researched and compiled lists of potential JV partners in 5 principal Western European markets for an expanding international company with offices in the Middle East and Asia Pacific, but no presence in Europe.
Distributors identified for US decking manufacturer
A US decking products manufacturer engaged Whitefield International to identify UK distributors for its range of products. Eight potential distributors were identified and an overview report of the decking market in the UK – highlighting key issues – was produced.
Medical device company expands into the UK  
Whitefield International identified nine potential UK distributors for a US medical device company looking to achieve market entry for its range of single-use medical devices.
Mainland European distributors found for UK plastic products manufacturer
Potential distributors were identified in Benelux, Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland for a UK plastic products manufacturer. Overview reports were produced with commentary on the market for the company’s products in each of the target countries.

Choosing the optimum location is vital to the success of any business. The ability or otherwise to access a high quality workforce, customers, markets and suppliers can mean the difference between success and failure.

Whitefield International provides a range of services to assist companies expand, relocate or consolidate their office, manufacturing, assembly, distribution and R& D operations within the UK and overseas. We cover all phases of the location process from strategic planning, project feasibility to location and site selection. We focus on identifying a number of suitable locations, then developing comparative data on each of the preferred options.

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Whitefield International works with companies looking to sell into overseas markets.

The rise of the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China), mass population movements, fast rising purchasing power in developing countries and continuing technological developments are just some of the major changes taking place in our increasingly globalised world. As ever, the challenges are many and varied in undertaking international trade, with a bewildering variety of opportunities presenting themselves to companies in overseas markets where they often possess little or no experience.

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Whitefield International provides a range of services to assist economic development organisations, government authorities and investment promotion agencies to develop and implement targeted inward investment programmes.

Such targeted programmes succeed in identifying expanding companies with investment projects and attracting them to our clients’ area, thereby creating new jobs, wealth and investment.

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