International Trade Services

Whitefield International works with companies looking to sell into overseas markets.

Brexit, mass population movements, fast rising purchasing power in developing countries and continuing technological developments are just some of the major changes taking place in our increasingly globalised world. As ever, the challenges are many and varied in undertaking international trade, with a bewildering variety of opportunities presenting themselves to companies in overseas markets where they often possess little or no experience.

This is where Whitefield International can assist. We help companies sell into new markets in a cost effective, timely and professional way.

We offer a tailored package of services, including:

Distributor, agent and strategic partner searches
Over the years we have undertaken hundreds of such searches in many geographic areas and in different sectors and sub-sectors. No two searches are alike and we pride ourselves on always identifying a range of partner/distributor options suited to the very specific requirements of our clients. Finding the right partner is essential when looking to sell into certain markets and requires in-depth, intelligent research by market experts.
Identification and development of trade leads and business opportunities
Using tried and tested research and search methodologies and extensive networking we identify business opportunities in overseas markets for our corporate clients.
Industrial/commercial/market sector studies
We produce up-to-date, factual reports on market sectors and sub-sectors tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.
Business Development strategy and implementation
We work closely with companies to develop and implement targeted business development strategies tailored to individual country markets.
Business Development outsourcing
Companies’ business development activity in overseas markets can be outsourced on an ad hoc or retained basis to Whitefield International.
Strategic marketing development
No clear marketing strategy, no results. We have long experience in preparing strategic marketing plans engineered to produce results.
Operational marketing support
We provide tactical support on the ground to work with clients to ensure marketing plans are executed professionally.
PR, including media relations
We offer a PR and media relations service, fully integrated with our clients’ sales and marketing strategies.
Customer/supplier negotiations
Whitefield International works in harness with clients to ensure customer and supplier negotiations proceed to plan. We often attend such face-to-face meetings together with our clients.
Market research
Professionally undertaken market research is essential to ensure early and sustained sales success, particularly in overseas markets. This is one of our core activities, which provides the platform for our clients to build substantial overseas sales.  
Exhibition/Trade Fair support
We provide comprehensive trade fair support, including stand/booth support and staffing and pre--event appointment setting with potential target customers, suppliers, distributors and partners. 
Organisation of individual company visits and trade missions
Whitefield International organises inward and outward trade missions and individual company visits to overseas markets. These can include identification of, and setting up meetings with, potential  customers, suppliers, distributors, partners and agents, as well as government departments and agencies, trade associations, banks, lawyers and accountants.