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Space industry continues to grow

  Friday, June 17, 2022

The space industry is growing rapidly. A fact. No, I don/t mean space tourism by individuals. I'm talking about a genuine industry undertaking essential commercial activities in space, such as launching satellite constellations or biotech/medical products into orbit.  Most of these activities carried out in space are for the benefit of all of us on earth and are true commercial operations, not undertakings of scientific exploration of space itself. And, increasingly, such activities will use reusable rockets there.....Read More

What's happening in the hospitality sector?

  Friday, June 17, 2022

What's happening in the hospitality sector? This week, all of a sudden, we are discussing very exciting new hotel development projects looking for investment of a high quality not seen for some time. Mostly in Europe with France and Switzerland to the fore. All off market, of course. And in prime locations. Away from development, we are also talking to investors about a couple of existing hotels, both 5* and in about as prime a location as you can get - one on a famous promenade in the south of France, the other, ski i.....Read More